Knob Creek, KY – Knob Creek Gun Range

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690 Ritchey Lane
West Point, KY 40177

Upcoming Events


Both Centerfire and 22 Rimfire rifles are normally allowed at this location. Please check each particular event for details though since some events have different requirements.


Please Read: How to Prepare for an Event

Safety Notice:

Rifles must be cased and left in vehicle until after the Safety Briefing. Do Not bring your firearms out until instructed to bring them to the firing line. No loaded firearms on the range unless on the firing line and load command has been given. Eye and ear protection required. No illegal firearms are allowed. Some ranges are .22 rimfire only. At ranges that allow centerfire no rifle cartridges over 8mm cal or handgun cartridges over .45 cal are allowed.

Range Fee: Either $5.00 or $10.00 per day, depending status. Active duty/retired military $5 per day; age 12 and under are $5 per day; KCR members, only, are no charge. Please bring exact change.

Camping Available:

KOA located 15 miles away in Shepherdsville.


13 miles to Shepherdsville, go east on Highway 44.
Just off I-65 on Exit 117:
Best Western, Country Inn Suites, Days Inn, Motel 6, Sleep Inn Suites, Super 8.


Take I-65 to Exit 117 and go west on Highway 44 about 13 miles.  Knob Creek Range will be on your left.  Coming from 31W you will turn on Highway 44 going east. KCR is approximately 1 mile off Dixie Highway on Highway 44 on your right.  When entering or leaving KCR property, please drive slowly, as children may be at play, as noted by signs located on KCR property.

GPS: 38.0078963,-85.9053766

State Laws to be aware of:

State gun laws at the NRA:
State gun laws at GLBS:!/states/-gun-laws

It is the responsibility of attendees to know and comply with all and Federal Firearms Laws.


Check-in starts promptly at 8:00 AM EASTERN TIME ZONE. Course of Instruction begins promptly at 8:30 AM each day.

Instruction Saturday will end at approximately 5:30 PM and on Sunday at approximately 4:00 PM.
Shoot your rimfire or centerfire rifle at 25 meters at the world-famous Knob Creek Range.  Project Appleseed Marksmanship clinics are held on the lower range at Knob Creek Gun Range.  Upon arriving at the main building, proceed around main building to the right, going past it, and going completely around it, then immediately turning right, and proceeding down gravel road to the lower range, going first through a turnstile gate, and then proceeding down a winding hill to the lower range.  A sheltered firing line range in case of bad weather is located at the bottom of the hill.  This is the location for Project Appleseed Marksmanship clinics at Knob Creek Gun Range.  The firing line itself is gravel, so bring a shooting mat, or a carpet remnant to use as a shooting mat, to cushion you in both the prone and seated positions, for your comfort.

Please leave all concealed carry or open carry defensive firearms in your personal vehicle upon arriving at the lower range.  You will be getting into many positions, and also transitioning between positions, and for everyone's safety, it is mandatory that all such defensive firearms not be bodyworn while engaged in positional shooting from standing, seated, kneeling, and prone positions.

We will have working lunches at the range, so bring your own lunches and snacks, as well as plenty of water.

Local restaurants for those staying overnight: Christie’s 5 miles north, Applebees, Siggy’s Pizza, Fazoli’s, Moby Dick, Chong Garden, KFC, Captain D’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Papa John’s all 6-7 miles north of KCR on Dixie Highway (31W).

There is a full service gun shop and store on the premises inside the main building that is open daily 9AM-6PM (except Tuesdays) with a large selection of firearms, ammo, and accouterments.
During periods of extremely heavy rain, Knob Creek can overflow and flood the lower range, which is where Project Appleseed Marksmanship Clinics are held.  If there is any question whether or not the range is open, go to the Kentucky Appleseed forum or the Kentucky Appleseed Facebook page for last minute notices, or check the links below.

Kentucky Appleseed Facebook Page:

For more information contact:

Name: KY State Coordinator Email Address:

Name: Stephen Smith Email Address: Phone: 719-352-8554