Kingman, AZ – Seven Mile Hill Range

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3275 Oatman Rd
Golden Valley, AZ 86413

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    Both Centerfire and 22 Rimfire rifles are normally allowed at this location. Please check each particular event for details though since some events have different requirements.


    Please Read: How to Prepare for an Event

    Safety Notice:

    Rifles must be cased and left in vehicle until after the Safety Briefing. Do Not bring your firearms out until instructed to bring them to the firing line. No loaded firearms on the range unless on the firing line and load command has been given. Eye and ear protection required. No illegal firearms are allowed. Some ranges are .22 rimfire only. At ranges that allow centerfire no rifle cartridges over 8mm cal or handgun cartridges over .45 cal are allowed.

    Range Fee: Under 18, Active Military, MSC Members - FREE, all other Adults - $10/day

    Camping Available:

    Primitive camping is available.


    Many hotels to choose from in Kingman, about 9 miles away.


    On I-40 West out of Kingman, take exit 44 toward Shinarump Dr/Oatman HWY, turn right onto Historic U.S. 66 W, in about 0.3 miles, turn left onto Co Hwy 10 (Oatman HWY), in about 2 miles, turn right at the "Shooting Range" sign.  0.5 miles to entrance to Seven Mile Hill Range.

    Map with directions found here

    GPS: 35.0973866,-114.1409661

    State Laws to be aware of:

    State gun laws at the NRA:
    State gun laws at GLBS:!/states/-gun-laws

    It is the responsibility of attendees to know and comply with all and Federal Firearms Laws.


    This is a rifle marksmanship event - No Handguns on the firing line.

    One of Arizona's oldest ranges, the 7 Mile Hill Range just South of Kingman is Arizona Appleseed's premier range for KD shooting, whether for the KD portion of a standard Appleseed weekend, or a 3-Day Advanced KD Clinic.  So if you want to shoot full-distance AQTs with your centerfire rifle, this is the one to attend.  Firing lines face North by Northeast, and strong winds provide good wind-doping practice for KD shooting.  Come on out and join us for some of the finest Marksmanship instruction available. Additionally, shooters will be immersed in the true history and lore of April 19th, 1775, the day Marksmanship met history and our heritage began…

    WHILE SUPPLIES LAST - Do you know someone under 18 who wants to attend but can't find .22 ammo?  No problem - thanks to Federal Ammunition's support of youth shooting programs, Federal Automatch .22 is available direct from Federal for $13.00 per 325rnd box.  To take advantage of this offer, you must contact azmule through forum PM or email at least a week before the shoot, to ensure that the Shoot Boss of your event has enough on hand.

    Again - this ammo is for use at an Appleseed by shooters under 18, the supply allotted to Arizona Appleseed is limited and may go fast, so sign up sooner rather than later.

    Things to bring for a comfortable experience

    •   Shooting Mat
    •   Eye and Ear Protection
    •   Appropriate Clothing for the weather
    •   Hat
    •   Sunscreen
    •   Rifle, preferably with sling and at least two magazines.  Otherwise, bring what you have.
    •   400-500 rounds of ammunition for your rifle.
    •   Lunch and water for the day.
    •   A positive, learning attitude
    •   Range and registration fees
    •   Bring a friend and share in the fun!

    NO Alcohol Permitted

    KD (Known Distance) Events

    If you sign up, please also email AZ_Varian at to ensure that you get any additional pre-shoot information.

    This Long Distance Appleseed is open only to students who have attended at least one Appleseed event and are at least sixteen (16) years old; students are not required to have scored Rifleman (210) on the AQT in order to attend this event, but a score of 180 or better is highly recommended.

    NO RIMFIRES AT THIS EVENT!  ONLY centerfire rifles capable of firing accurately to 500 yards, preferably zeroed at 25 yards, are permitted.  We will be running several full-distance AQTs with full sized targets and with the time constraints of the 25 meter AQT.  A semi-automatic rifle with a minimum of two (four or more is better) magazines is best, but bring what you have and more importantly, what  you consider to be your "go-to" rifle . 

    Please also make sure you have a sling -- we prefer the GI web slings, which run about $12 at gun shows or online.

    To feed your centerfire, bring a minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition of a similar kind, i.e., all 147 grain 30-06 loaded to same specs, or something of that nature.

    For more information contact:

    Name: AZ State Coordinator Email Address:

    Name: Scott Benjamin - Personal Message to 'azmule' on the Appleseed forum Email Address:

    Name: Personal Message to 'AZ_Varian' on the Appleseed Forum Email Address: