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24100 South 510 Road
Afton, OK 74331

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    Both Centerfire and 22 Rimfire rifles are normally allowed at this location. Please check each particular event for details though since some events have different requirements.

    Please Read: How to Prepare for an Event

    Safety Notice:

    Rifles must be cased and left in vehicle until after the Safety Briefing. Do Not bring your firearms out until instructed to bring them to the firing line. No loaded firearms on the range unless on the firing line and load command has been given. Eye and ear protection required. No illegal firearms are allowed. Some ranges are .22 rimfire only. At ranges that allow centerfire no rifle cartridges over 8mm cal or handgun cartridges over .45 cal are allowed.

    Range Fee: $10 per person/event, excluding military and children 20 and under.

    Camping Available:

    Primitive camping available on-site.
    Only contained fires are allowed, such as in stoves/cookers – no open campfires allowed.


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    From I-44 (Eastbound or Westbound) Take exit 302 toward Afton,
    Merge onto US-69 S toward Afton.  Continue to follow US-69 S 3.3 mi.
    Turn left at S Ross Ave 0.5 mi.  Continue onto S 510 Rd 1.0 mi

    GPS: 36.668010,-94.965541

    State Laws to be aware of:

    State gun laws at the NRA:
    State gun laws at GLBS:!/states/-gun-laws

    It is the responsibility of attendees to know and comply with all and Federal Firearms Laws.

    State Laws to be aware of:  It is illegal to possess a concealed firearm, loaded or not, on or about the person without a handgun permit recognized by Oklahoma.  Oklahoma recognizes all other state’s permits.  Oklahoma law provides several ways of transporting a firearm in a motor vehicle that are affirmatively legal with or without a permit:  As long as you are not a convicted felon, you may legally transport a rifle, shotgun or pistol open and unloaded, which Oklahoma law defines as in plain view, in a case designed for carrying firearms that is wholly or partially visible, in a gun rack, or in an exterior locked compartment or trunk.

    Also, any person except a convicted felon may legally transport a rifle or shotgun concealed behind a seat of the vehicle or within the interior of the vehicle, as long as it is not clip, magazine, or chamber loaded.  Handgun permit holders may legally transport a clip or magazine loaded rifle or shotgun in a vehicle.

    Check state laws for other pertinent legislation.


    Both centerifre and .22 Rimfire welcome at this range.

    We have 11 bricks of .22 available at $16, but you will need to call Tom Dodson 918 540 4169 to reserve one in advance.

    This event will be held at Excalibur Sporting Goods in Afton, OK.  Just yards from the range is a full-service gun shop where you will be able to purchase ammo, GI web slings, sling studs/swivels, Tech Sights for the Ruger and Marlin, and complete Liberty Training Rifles based on the Ruger 10/22 and Marlin 795.  Mike will install any parts you purchase from him.  Excalibur’s air-conditioned/heated classroom will be available for our use over lunch and for breaks.  Most of the event will be shot from 25 meters.  However, full-distance shooting techniques will also be taught.  Shooters may use either center fire or rimfire rifles for this event.  We will be shooting from an uncovered line, so bring your umbrellas, sun shades, and pop-up covers if you have them.  Snacks and beverages will also be available for purchase. 

    Shooters should bring their own lunch on both Saturday and Sunday. 
    No alcohol permitted
    No pets allowed

    For inquiries about buying rifles, slings, swivels, Tech Sights, mags, ammo, etc., contact Mike Nelson, owner of Excalibur Sporting Goods, at (918) 257-4126.

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    For more information contact:

    Name: OK State Coordinator Email Address:

    Name: Daniel Hensch - Private Message 'henschman' on Appleseed Forum Phone: (405) 880-0506