Cancelled – Reading, PA Instructor KD September 29, 2019

This is a Private Event - do not register unless you have been invited.

This is an Advanced KD (Known Distance) event. This will be a long range event with distances out to 400 yards (and possibly more depending on the range) and a centerfire rifle will be required. Only previous Appleseed attendees should sign up.

This is a One Day Appleseed. Since this is only one day the event will be faster paced than a standard Appleseed.

Tickets are NOT Refundable. A one time transfer to another event can be requested in the event of an emergency or work related issues. There is a non refundable 5 dollar per person transfer fee. Transfers should be requested at least 48 hours before an event begins. If you are having problems registering or you need a transfer Please Contact Us.

Email Tickets Notice. It appears that a number of email services are rejecting Appleseed emails and/or placing the tickets in Spam folders. If you register and do not see your tickets please check your Spam Folder. Also it would help if you mark the email as Not Spam. If you still do not see your ticket use our Contact Form to let us know about the problem.

Range Fee: $450 pro-rated between attendees.

This event will require a Centerfire rifle.

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8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Please get there a little early for registration, signing waivers, and getting setup.

Reading, PA - University Rifle Club

This is an Appleseed Instructor Only KD.

The range fee for this event is 400.00. There is an additional charge of $150.00 to place our steel on the range.  Total cost is $550.00 for the day.  The Shoot Boss has advanced the range fees.

We have 20 slots for shooters – We can only have 20 persons at the event. IMPORTANT: All Red Hats and above must send proof of RSO qualifications (Range rule) AND YOUR PHONE NUMEBR AND E-MAIL CONTACT INFORMATION VERY IMPORTANT!!!!.
Bring at least 500 rounds. Bring a good range finder and spotting scope if you have it, but not everyone. We will need one good rangefinder and about 5 very good spotting scopes.

All Instructors who sign as “line help” will be expected to shoot with their teams – Why? Presence of instructor on the line takes up one “slot.”
The initial price to reserve your slot is $27.50   This must be sent immediately in check or money order – this must be done w/in 5 days of  sign up or the name will be removed from the sign up. Upon receipt you will receive a confirmation of reservation.  [Please understand, and with respect, this must done to keep slots available to persons who actually intend to show up and to keep the Shoot Boss from losing money.

Appleseed does not charge, but URC does –  URCis a well run business  and has a very good range. Therefore, range fees are divided among the shooters – If 20 shooters sign and pay, then the cost is $27.50 per shooter.  If only 15 sign up, then the cost is $36.66 per shooter. 10? 40 per shooter.  I think it will fill.  In any event, the cost for the day of shooting is within budget and the instruction will be very good.


MAKE A COMMITMENT:   Be sure before you sign –  RANGE FEES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED UPON CANCELLATION. No confirmed/paid slots may be transferred or held for use by any other person. The slot will be reopened on line or refilled by the Shoot Boss.

RANGE FEES – (Important) Send the range fee immediately upon signing to secure your spot. The range fee of $27.50 must be sent in a money order (no checks!) from the post office (.75 cents ). Send your RSO card (From the Tips page) AND YOUR PHONE NUMEBR AND E-MAIL CONTACT INFORMATION VERY IMPORTANT!!!!. Send all to the following address (Regular mail) within FIVE DAYS to

Appleseed Event, Care of Steven K,
PO BOX 158, Branchville, NJ 07826.

There are 17 tickets left out of 20


Bookings are closed for this event.

Appleseed does NOT keep any of your credit card information. We use a secure server, Paypal, for registration checkout.

If you have any problems registering please Contact Us.