Pelham, TN Known Distance Appleseed December 5, 2020 – Private Event

This is a Private Event - do not register unless you have been invited.

This is an Advanced KD (Known Distance) event. This will be a long range event with distances out to 400 yards (and possibly more depending on the range) and a centerfire rifle will be required. Only previous Appleseed attendees should sign up.

This is a One Day Appleseed. Since this is only one day the event will be faster paced than a standard Appleseed.

Tickets are NOT Refundable. A one time transfer to another event can be requested in the event of an emergency or work related issues. There is a non refundable 5 dollar per person transfer fee. Transfers should be requested at least 48 hours before an event begins. If you are having problems registering or you need a transfer Please Contact Us.

Email Tickets Notice. It appears that a number of email services are rejecting Appleseed emails and/or placing the tickets in Spam folders. If you register and do not see your tickets please check your Spam Folder. Also it would help if you mark the email as Not Spam. If you still do not see your ticket use our Contact Form to let us know about the problem.

Range Fee: IBC - no range fee. Appleseed range fees $30/weekend. KD range fees ($20/day for one-day KD).

This event will require a Centerfire rifle.

Preference will be given to instructors who have never qualified KD. I request that those who need to requalify wait until November 1 to register to give non KD patch holders a chance to get to the front of the line. We are limited to 12 firing points at this range. Anything wider than that is in the weeds.

This is a one-day KD (Known Distance) event for Project Appleseed instructors of all hat colors and invited friends of the program.  We will have minimal class time mostly spent on trajectory and environmental factors affecting the shot at a known distance. Please have a 25 yard zero on your primary rifle if possible. Unlike previous KD events, we will not have time to zero newly-installed scopes so please have that squared away before coming. We will shoot verification sighters at 25, 100, 200, 300 and 400 yards only on the first AQT. Shooters will have at least three opportunities, to earn a Project Appleseed Long Distance rocker by qualifying Rifleman at 100-400 yards. Time permitting, we may be able to shoot to 500+ yards at steel targets.

We will spend a lot of time going back and forth to the target line out to 400 yards only on the first AQT. The following AQT’s (at least 2) will be shot straight thru. Shoot, walk, shoot. This is old school. Don’t bring anything you can’t carry. Bring only what you need and nothing you don’t.

Things to bring:
·         Rifle, 150-200 rounds of ammunition in the appropriate caliber for your rifle. We recommend ammo from the same lot and bullet weight. Shooters bringing rifles with removable box magazines should bring at least two mags.
·         Something to carry your gear in. A backpack is recommended.
·         Eye and ear protection
·         Shooting mat unless you are comfortable shooting off the ground in prone and sitting positions.
·         Whatever you plan to eat for lunch and a snack for the Shoot Boss who will probably forget his as usual.  It will be a working lunch with history presentations under a covered firing line.
·         Clothing appropriate for the weather including rain gear. We shoot regardless of weather conditions. Since I’m the shoot boss you should go ahead and plan on rubber boots and a poncho.

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8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Please get there a little early for registration, signing waivers, and getting setup.

Pelham, TN - Elk River Training Center

This is a full distance out to 400 yard event. A centerfire rifle will be required. Previous attendance at an Appleseed required.

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If you have any problems registering please Contact Us.