Christmas Gift Certificate 2018

Please allow 10 days for Gift Certificates to be received.

The Gift Certificates will be good for 50% off on tickets to regular Appleseeds in 2019. We will have the 2019 Schedule posted in the next two or three months so there will be plenty of events to pick from.

Instructions on how to register using the Gift Certificates will be sent with the Gift Certificates.

You CAN NOT use your Membership Discount to buy the Gift Certificates.

Please note that the Gift Certificates are not good for Known Distance Advanced Appleseeds.

The Christmas Gift certificates are good until December 31, 2019 at any Appleseed in the U.S.

There are 171 tickets left out of 500


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Adult Gift Certificate
Good for one adult at the Appleseed of your choice
Youth Gift Certificate
Good for one person under 18 at the Appleseed of your choice

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